Parents and Local School District Sue Each Other in Lubbock

Temporary restraining order

LUBBOCK, TX – The Lubbock Cooper Independent School District sued two parents on Thursday and those same two parents sued the LCISD on Friday.

The dueling lawsuits were filed in Lubbock federal court.

Court records said Sherri and Christopher Dennis requested a due process hearing with the Texas Education Agency this year after a dispute with LCISD.  The Dennis family have a student enrolled in high school who suffers disabilities, according to their lawsuit.

(Note: is aware of the specific disability but chose not to republish it at this time due to privacy concerns for the student.)

The family’s lawsuit also claimed that LCISD “denied … a free appropriate public education for the 2016-2017 school year.”  In other words, they claim that LCISD failed to make appropriate accommodations for the student’s disability.

State regulators sided with the Dennis family and ordered LCISD to make a list of accommodations.  The state’s order and finding of facts was 34 pages.

The state also ordered LCISD to set aside $61,200 for the benefit of the student. The parents have discretion on how the money should be spent.