The relationships we develop with our clients and their satisfaction with the resolution of their cases is of utmost importance to FLAG.  We take great pride in the feedback we receive from our clients regarding the advocacy we have provided.  Please take some time to review our client testimonials so you will have a better understanding of the type of representation you can expect when you retain our services. 

The Voice You Need. The Advocacy You Deserve.
      "A Fantastic Lawyer Who Truly Cares About Her Clients"

      This sounds so corny, but when I think about how to describe Sarah, I immediately think of the movie Jerry Maguire. At the end of the movie when Jerry and Rod are celebrating after the big game, a player from a different team asks his agent “Why don’t we have that kind of relationship?” I can picture people saying that when they see Sarah waiting outside a court room with her client. She is honest, straightforward, caring, and has integrity. She has sound judgment based off of extensive experience in family law and is also extremely intelligent. I have been through a lot with Sarah, and I believe that she truly cares about doing what is best for the people who she represents. Sarah was the third attorney who I worked with during my very ugly divorce and child custody dispute, and she was the first attorney who was actually able to help me. She made sure I understood what I could reasonably expect as an outcome whenever we discussed my options, and she didn’t placate me. Sarah has the unique ability to get right to the point and tell it ” like it is” while also being sensitive and considerate, which means that she isn’t wasting time and racking up needless billable hours. Since she is a parent herself, she can relate to her clients’ sometimes desperate desire to do everything they can for their kids, so she doesn’t minimize the pain and heartache they are experiencing. Instead she shows compassion as she helps her clients stay as calm and rational as possible while navigating the often unpleasant court system. I would absolutely recommend Sarah to anyone in need of a family law attorney.

      "Outstanding Attorney"

      Ms. Thomas was a pleasure to work with during my case. She was an excellent advocate for my son and won my case for him. He now has all the help he needs in school because of her determination.

      "Professional, Prepared and Supportive"

      Anne Kelly Laynor was referred to me by a friend.  She initially represented me during my divorce and then a year later during a custody dispute.  Not only did she provide the professional services I required, but she did so in a way that was more like one friend supporting another.  She was extremely prepared and always in control of the situation.  Most importantly for me though, she was a calming force during an extremely emotional time.  I feel extremely lucky and even grateful to have had her by my side.

      Former Client
      "Knowledgeable and Personable"

      Ms. Laynor was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and thorough throughout the time we worked together.

      "Professional and Responsive"

      Anna Lindner was my attorney at Family Legal Advocacy Group. I went into my legal situation with little knowledge of where and how to start. She was very helpful through the entire process, professional, and very responsive. If there was ever a question or a concern, she and her assistant Crystal were always quick at responding and guiding me through every step of the way. I would highly recommend Anna and wouldn't hesitate to utilize her services in the future.

      "Helped Me Through the Roughest Time of My Life"

      Anna Lindner walked me through the roughest time in my life. She was patient, understanding, resourceful, responsive, and comforting while also being my strength and confidence. She was aggressive when she needed to be and fought for what I deserved.

      "Fantastic to work with!"

      Emily was fantastic to work with! She walked me through every step along the way and made sure I was comfortable with what was happening. She is patient, kind, and understanding but also fights for what her client deserves.

      "I wish I could give a thousands stars."

      I wish I could give a thousands stars. My experience with FLAG has been immeasurable and incredible, every single staff member is completely professional, welcoming, gentle, and amicable. They will work on your case seriously. These attorneys not only put their knowledge and brains, but they also put their hearts and their humane side. Their work ethic is impeccable, they are extremely professional and serious, and they waste no time. Katherine F. Thomas is an incredible attorney, the best I’ve ever seen. I am more than pleased with their services. I can, and I will, without a doubt and hesitation recommend this firm. They will represent you and advocate for you like warriors. They fought for my son’s, and my rights with their teeth and now my son and I are in better condition thanks to their extremely hard work. She is definitely my hero. She is Wonder Woman.

      Luisa M.
      Categories: Main Review
      "A Champion for Children"

      Michael Katz represented our grandchild in a CINA case involving neglect. Michael was an excellent advocate in helping obtain services for our grandchild, and when it was clear that reunification would not occur, he educated us in the adoption process and guided us through a very emotional, highly contested TPR hearing. Michael was very responsive to our communication, organized, prepared, knowledgeable and provided excellent advocacy in the courtroom. Most of all, Michael’s advocacy allowed us to provide a permanent home for our grandchild and for that we will always be grateful. We highly recommend Michael and his firm.

      Jean and Tom

      I was referred to Sarah by a friend of a friend because I really had no idea what I was doing in looking for a divorce lawyer (I had initially tried to do everything myself). I must say that the one bright spot out of my divorce was the work of Sarah. She not only looked after my needs but also what was best for my two young boys. While I’m sure she has tried hundreds if not thousands of divorce cases, she truly made it feel like my case was important to her and that she was working exclusively on mine. I know that isn’t true because of how professional, compassionate and organized she was she must get referrals from previous clients all the time. While I don’t wish a divorce on anyone as it is an extremely stressful and sad time, Sarah was the one constant that I could depend on throughout the whole process. Anytime I called she either answered my call then or if she was with another client or in court she would get back to me within the hour. I cannot stress enough how happy I am with her work. My case was “ripe” on March 31st and I was divorced on April 1st. Every step along the way she kept me informed of what was going on and where I needed to be and at what time. I would recommend Sarah without any reservations to my best friend, relative, colleague, or anyone with whom I had respect for and cared about. She was a Godsend.

      "Compassionate and Sensitive for My Case"

      Finding a knowledgeable attorney is important for any legal case. The Legal Advocacy Group is not just knowledgeable, they are compassionate and sensitive to your case and situation. Anna and team represented me during my divorce in the most professional manner. To her it was not about winning another case, it was about my happiness.

      Former Client

      MVLS Volunteer lawyer @flagfamilylaw was able to bring Mr. Phoenix’s daughter home to Md. within 3 weeks of taking the case. “There’s no way I would have been able to [regain custody of my daughter] without @flagfamilylaw and @mvlsprobono.”

      Mr. Phoenix
      "Collaborative Divorce"

      Sarah represented me for my Collaborative Divorce case. Logically, I accepted the process but emotionally it was very difficult. Sarah kept in constant contact and skillfully assisted me through the process. I can confidently say that I came through the ordeal better than I could have hoped and gained much confidence in successfully supporting my family.

      "Sarah Novak Nesbitt: Distinguishing Characteristics"

      Sarah is an exceptional, very professional and knowledgeable Family Law attorney. She had a genuine interest in my case and a practice of keeping fees contained. She provides a realistic picture of what you need to know versus what you want to hear. Sarah has an ability to quickly and accurately assess your situation and provide a best case, worst case and most likely case scenario. Sarah is personable, engaging and emotionally intelligent. She has the ability to work with a wide variety of people and personalities. I wouldn’t think twice about engaging Sarah again, if needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Given my considerable experience with family law professionals, Sara has a distinct competitive advantage to many family law practitioners.

      "Thank you Sarah!"

      Sarah’s work was excellent. I had a very difficult divorce case, financially complex, hampered with many dramatic events. Sarah has the ability to look at multiple aspects of the case, from her social worker background. She sees the legal, psychological aspects, family, financial, and strategic concerns. She keeps the client well-informed and up to date regarding the next steps in the process. Her ability to write and plan are excellent. Getting divorced is very painful and causes a lot of fear. I was confident in Sarah’s legal experience and abilities to guide me through this transformation. By the way, my life is great now! I would highly recommend Sarah as your attorney.

      "Focused on the Child's Best Interest"

      I cannot say enough wonderful things about Katie Thomas, Sarah Nesbitt, and the entire FLAG team. I can say with confidence that my family situation would not be as positive as it is today without the FLAG team's support and guidance. They truly keep the focus where it should be, which is on the best interest of the child. Katie and Sarah were thoughtful, highly responsive and were very good at laying out my options and helping me make decisions and understand the potential outcomes for those decisions as well. I am tremendously thankful to the entire FLAG team for their work with me and on my behalf during an incredibly challenging time in my life.

      "Very Responsive"

      Fantastic family law firm. Very responsive and very professional. Great attention to details and easy to work with. Would recommend for all types of family matters. Office was professional and easy to get to.

      "Thanks Anne, Couldn’t Have Made It Through Without You"

      I want to thank Anne Laynor for helping me with a dispute I had with my ex over custody that was related to COVID-19. My ex agreed to meditation and Anne helped us work together to come to a speedy resolution. She is an excellent mediator who is extremely fair and truly cares about the children and what is best for them. She is represented by this firm and she has an excellent reputation as a lawyer and a mediator. I don't know what I would have done without Anne helping both families coming to an agreeable resolution. She was always available for a call or to answer an email and really helped to resolve a heated dispute quickly. And one last point, since meeting with Anne for mediation, my ex and I have started communicating effectively and have stopped the unnecessary bickering. Like the other reviewers, I would like to rate this firm higher than 5 stars but Google will not let me. Thank you Anne. I appreciate you helping me and my children out and giving both families a better way forward!

      "Compassionate and Sensitive"

      Anna Lindner is compassionate and sensitive to your case and situation and focused on a positive outcome.

      Alvin G.
      "Super Organized and Detailed Oriented"

      I highly recommend the Family Legal Advocacy Group, particularly working with Sarah Nesbitt for my custody/divorce/QDRO case. She's easy and flexible to work with, is SUPER organized and sharp, retains details, and has a super memory about elements in the case. She understands what possibilities and limitations are in your case, and maximizes your money for what is possible to do or not. She's a family person, and knows how difficult these situations are for people, and tries to be factual about what to expect. I highly recommend her/her practice.

      "Extremely Satisfied"

      I have been extremely satisfied with my attorney, Sarah Nesbitt Novak. She not only had a firm command of the law and the facts of my case, but, her strategic ability was stellar. In addition, she watched my costs as well, letting me know when the legal costs outweighed the benefits of a particular strategy. Also, she is a very pleasant person. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a divorce attorney.

      "Empathetic and Caring"

      Sarah Nesbitt provided me excellent representation over a period of 7 years in a very challenging case from separation, through a divorce, to a final settlement. She is an expert in her field, as well as very bright and empathetic.

      "Couldn’t Be Happier With the Outcome"

      I couldn't be happier with the services provided by Sarah Nesbitt and Crystal her legal assistant. They guided me through unchartered waters by always answering my questions and giving expert advice. Everything was done in a timely matter and I was very satisfied with their services.

      "Fantastic Group of Professionals"

      Fantastic legal group! Very professional and friendly! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a diligent and serious yet amicable legal representation! Velu

      "Wonderful Experience"

      Had a wonderful experience working with FLAG Family Law! Would definitely recommend.

      "Thanks So Much"

      Thank you Sarah and Crystal - couldn't have done it without you!

      "Focused and Honest"

      Sara is compassionate, honest, attentive and realistic. She focused on what was important in my case and steered me away from needless battles.

      "Professional, Organized, Supportive"

      Emily Koning represented me in my divorce process, and I am so glad I found her. I was very certain I was doing the right thing, but I think no matter what it is a difficult thing to do. It's a long and complicated process, and I knew I needed professional guidance through it. From our first meeting, Emily was extremely helpful and organized. She educated me about the steps and what to expect. She answered all questions. And throughout the entire process she kept me aware of where things were. Additionally, she was extremely supportive and cheerful, and that made it all easier. She was super professional, but at the same time she personalized the process and talked with me about the process in a human way. I also appreciate that she was very direct about the costs from the beginning. I highly recommend Emily Koning.

      Former Client
      "Superb Advocate in Difficult Case"

      I went through a difficult divorce and Mrs. Koning really helped me and took her time she was very knowledgeable and educated in helping me out with the best interest of my children. I would highly recommend her in a difficult case.

      "Emily Koning's Excellent Handling of My Divorce Case"

      Now that the dust has settled from my divorce, I can finally put into words how I felt about the process. It was so long and emotional, and very stressful. I don't know how I would have gotten through the process without the support that I received from my attorney team and in particular Emily Koning. She is extremely bright, focused, well-versed in divorce law, and was totally committed to representing me well. Additionally, she was a great support and helped me to get through the laborious, painful and often confusing process to finally finalizing my divorce. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone, whether getting a simple divorce, which can always make a turn in a different direction or anticipating a more complex divorce. I cannot put into words how much I appreciated Emily's support and expertise. I could not have chosen better. Thank you so much, Emily, for your help in getting my life back on track!

      Former Client
      "Thoughtful and Informative"

      Emily was thoughtful and informative throughout the divorce process. She was quick to answer any questions I had. Her experience guided us to a settlement we could both agree on.

      "Excellent consultation and follow-up for peace order."

      We consulted with Emily Koning regarding a peace order we were seeking. The consultation was incredibly helpful - she was clearly knowledgeable in the area, helping us to focus on what needed to be said, and how best to say it. Even though we did not need to retain an attorney, she still followed up with us multiple times - sending additional advice, pointers to particular statutes, and finally a note after our peace orders were granted. We felt very comfortable speaking with her and would absolutely retaining her in the future if needed.

      "A Winning Team You Can Trust!"

      I recently found myself in need of legal counsel. Like most people today if you need information, goods, or services, we turn to the internet. Well, the problem with that is quite often there are so many options and information it can be overwhelming. So where do you begin? In this case, I needed a lawyer. A very experienced and capable attorney to assist with a sensitive child support decree. After looking at a few firm’s credentials and a bit more investigative work I selected Mrs. Emily Koning. After all of 15 minutes, I knew Emily was my attorney. She came across as warm, knowledgeable, professional, and very competent. Additionally, my interaction with all those tasked with helping Mrs. Koning handle my case along the way was equally as pleasurable. Most importantly, the outcome was all I had hoped for and resolved quite expeditiously. Even more impressive, however, was that she gave me the option to do some of the leg work myself to reduce my overall cost. I declined. That’s why we hire attorneys. However, we want the best representation possible to ensure the best possible outcome. She delivered just as she stated during our initial consultation! Mrs. Koning got the job done! I would gladly recommend their team. I couldn’t be happier!

      "Satisfied Father"

      Emily did a wonderful job meeting all my needs regarding my custody case. She explained everything clearly and answered all of my questions and worked very hard on my case which I appreciate. Was very easy to work with and very knowledgeable about family law.

      "Sensitive, Caring lawyer"

      Going through a divorce is stressful, to the point that making decisions without being overly emotional is very difficult. Originally Emily was just filling in for my original attorney on leave, but I quickly had her on as my primary attorney. She patiently listened. She gave the advantages and disadvantages of each decision. Above all, she did not pressure me to make one decision over another. In addition, she worked with my ex's lawyer to find a solution. Three years after the divorce, I still consult with her occasionally. But there is no regret in any decisions I made during the divorce.

      Former Client
      "Thank You Emily"

      If your circumstances are such that you're looking for the kind of representation that Emily offers, then you are already under a lot of stress. There's no two ways about it. Add the complexity of trying to find a good lawyer and the situation can become overwhelming. I know because that's what it was like for me. Trying to make a decision based on internet reviews and maybe an hour-long phone consultation seems like an absurd way to bring someone into a situation where the outcomes have life-altering consequences. I don't know what you're going through but I can tell you what it was like working with Emily (and maybe this will help you feel a little bit less stress when it comes time to make your decision). Emily was truly amazing. Her knowledge of the law is unquestioned but that's not what made her great (you can find a lawyer who knows the law). Emily knows strategy. She knows what a judge is looking for. She knows when it makes sense to go down a certain path and when it doesn't. She knows the risks of certain strategies (and she's willing to go there if needed) but she will keep her eye on the prize and provide the right council to get there. Because these types of life events can often be emotionally destabilizing, it's important to have someone giving you advice who is not just knowledgeable but levelheaded. If you can add a high level of EQ, such that the person giving the advice has a level of empathy and understanding for what you are going through then you've basically gotten all you can ask for in these types of situations. Emily was all those things and more. She listened to me when I was the most wound up and thinking in the kind of short-term pettiness that happens in these types of situations. She understood where I was coming from, and she provided cogent advice without ignoring how the wrenching these things can be. And she was right. Everything she said was right. Her strategy was impeccable. Did I get everything I should get in a just world? No (but when does that ever happen?). Did I get everything Emily said was possible to get in my situation? Yes. And let me make this clear, when I say everything that was possible, I mean a clean sweep. So here is the crux of it. I didn't write this to convince you to hire her. You should. I wrote this for two reasons: 1. To tell you that when you hire her, you need to follow her guidance. She knows what she's doing. 2. To thank her for the amazing help she gave me during a very dark period of my life. Thank you, Emily, I'll never forget how much you helped me.

      "Fantastic Attorney!!!"

      Emily was fantastic to work with! She walked me through every step along the way and made sure I was comfortable with what was happening. She is patient, kind, and understanding but also fights for what her client deserves. I would not hesitate to use her again if the need arises.

      "A Talented, Polite, Professional, Skilled Attorney!"

      I chose Emily to represent me in my marital separation just after the first meeting with her. My first impression of her was that she was very positive. Most importantly, I noticed that she was a very good listener - an essential quality in an attorney who you will want to represent you. She always lent me a friendly ear when I wanted to share my side of the story, Later during the MSA, I found her to be always well-prepped, and ready to meet with me - sometimes on very short notice. This made the whole process much smoother and stress-free for me. I was going thru an uncontested divorce, but the marital separation agreement was a long-drawn, difficult process mainly due to an overly aggressive, and borderline rude lawyer representing my ex. Emily was always calm, professional, and always advised me to take the right stand that was in my best interest. She had just the right amount of assertiveness, without aggression, in all her communications with the other party. Important for me which made me hesitate to contact any lawyer earlier, Emily did not have a biased view of men and I could freely share my story with her. She is a very talented lawyer indeed! All this eventually led to a fair and equitable deal with my ex, on all fronts. I owe Emily much more than just the legal fees! She enabled me to happily scream "freeeeedome"! :-) Thanks Emily!