What is a Protective Order? Am I eligible?

Protective Order

A protective order is a court order that prohibits an individual from doing certain acts against another individual. These include but are not limited to: refraining from contacting that individual, refraining from abusing that individual, vacating the home, and staying away from an individual’s place of employment.  

Are you eligible for a protective order? You are if: 

your relationship to the abuser is any of the following:  

  • Current or former spouse; 

  • Cohabitant of the respondent if the parties lived together for at least 90 days in the last year; 

  • Person who had a sexual relationship within 1 year; 

  • Related by blood, marriage, or adoption;   

  • Vulnerable adult 

  • Parent, stepparent, child, or stepchild IF you have lived with abuser in home for at least Ninety days within 1 year before filing;  

  • Person with a child in common; or  

  • Person who alleges within six months before filing, the abuser committed rape (or attempted) or sexual offense (or attempted).  


Has the abuser committed any of the following in the state of Maryland: 

  • An act that causes serious bodily harm; 

  • An act that places someone in fear of serious bodily harm;  

  • Assault in any degree 

  • Rape or sexual assault (including attempts;  

  • False imprisonment;  

  • Stalking or Revenge Porn  

If you believe you may qualify for a protective order, Family Legal Advocacy Group has experienced attorneys who can help you evaluate your situation, determine if a protective order is the best route for you, and assist you throughout the process.  Additional information about domestic violence resources in your area can be obtained through the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MD).